Vaibhav Dugar

Co-Founder & Organic Farming Expert
Vaibhav is a Telecommunications Engineer and a Marketing Geek but his love is working with Nature. He sets up organic/natural farms, micro-organic farms and specialized farms. If he ain’t working, he is either reading, playing football or cycling. Being a die-hard Alonso fan, he enjoys watching him race the many Formula 1 circuits around the globe.
To have a simple conversation or need to see a smiling face, mail him at Vaibhav.Dugar [at]

EU has the largest Solar Industry growth Globally

Despite the decrease of subsidies across Europe, the use of solar power continues to increase. According to a report by the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission, two thirds of the world’s increase in solar power capacity came from within the EU last year. Last year 46.1GW of new energy capacity was installed in Europe, with 56 % of that using photovoltaic technology. Currently EU meets 2% of all of its electricity demand using solar power! This continued growth in solar power comes at a time when many countries are considering removing their subsidies for solar technology. Spain has …

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Fangchu makes a new friend

July 2nd, this day is the one day which always has Fangchu lost in thoughts just wandering “What could the Surprise be?” It’s Fangchu’s 12th birthday and like every child he is filled with excitement and curiosity. His little sister gave him a beautiful card which she made herself. She beautifully drew a young boy planting a sapling and wrote Happy Birthday and along with the card she gave him a rose plant as she knew her brother would have yelled at her for cutting the flower. Having the luxury of being driven home in a school bus he preferred …

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Can Whisky Fuel Cars in the future?

In what is claimed to be the worlds first, a Scottish distillery has linked up with a spin-out company from a University in Edinburgh to create fuel from whisky ‘left overs’. The butanol produced after feeding these “leftovers” with bacteria can be used to fuel vehicles. More than 90% of the stuff that comes out of a whisky distillery is not whisky. It is leftovers like draff and pot ales – both produced in the early stages of the process. The distiller, Tullibardine has the capacity to provide 6,500 metric tons of draff (what’s left of the grain after fermentation) …

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Introducing Tweego & Fangchu

introducing Fangchu & Tweego

Tweego is our earnest effort to create awareness amongst children of today to love and care for the environment. We hope to empower kids and their parents to take actionable steps in preserving our world for the present and future generations. Our central characters of this comic strip are Fangchu and his enlightened dog, Tweego. Character Sketch Fangchu Fangchu is the central character. He is a 12 year old urban kid studying in std. 6. He keeps to himself and does the things he loves to do, yet he is not a loner as he is busy satisfying his curiosity …

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Re-engineered Reva to be on road soon

Reva’s NXR is a significant improvement over its predecessor. Now, it needs the right kind of push — like country-wide charging infrastructure — to make it a viable alternative. Gone is the quaint, fragile-looking machine, gingerly weaving its way in between lumbering SUVs and smoke-belching buses. The NXR, which is the next generation Reva — India’s indigenously-produced, all-electric car brand — is scheduled to hit the roads sometime around October this year and comes across, more or less, as just another small car. It’s much more than that, of course. The next-gen baby of Chetan Maini, Reva’s founder and current …

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Whitefly – How to get rid of them

A friend of mine has been facing severe issues from a well known plant pest known as ‘Whitefly’. She called sounding worried as Whiteflies are troubling her garden esp her Jasmines; This has got me working on all the pests that are likely to have a good meal of your plants. Through this post and several others in the future we’ll explain how to get rid of these ‘buggers’. To tackle Whiteflies here are a few things that you can do. Whitefiles typically feed on the underside of plant leaves. Use your garden hose and use strong spray on bush. …

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