Denmark reaches 2020-goal for solar energy in 2012

Installing solar power in Denmark is going faster than planned, and the country has already reached its goal of 200 megawatts of solar capacity this year itself, an astonishing 8 years early. Huge interest for solar energy solutions has made the amount of solar cells multiply much faster than expected. In fact the solar cell capacity will be a hundred times bigger this year compared with 2010. Currently 36 MW capacity is being mounted every month.

Danish energy sector players, Dansk Energi, and DONG Energy, estimate that this development will result in 1000 MW (5 times the goal) by 2020 and 3400 MW by 2030.

A solar powered house in Denmark
A solar powered house in Denmark

The demand for solar cells has increased dramatically since net metering was implemented in 2010. Net metering gives private households and public institutions the possibility of ‘storing’ surplus production in the public grid, which makes solar panels considerably more attractive.

– Project Manager Kim Schultz from Invest in Denmark.

Denmark has a strong and broad political commitment to renewable energy, that assures that 35 per cent of the Danish energy supply will be based on renewables by 2020, making it 100 per cent by 2050. Presently, 22% of the national energy consumption is met with renewables in Denmark.

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