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Climate Change: A Hoax or a Reality?

Ice glacier burst in Uttarakhand, India

Melting Glaciers. Hurricanes. Cyclones. Earthquakes. Heatwaves. Droughts. Rainstorms. Snowstorms. Forest Fires. How many times have we seen each of these natural disasters recurring in the last ten years? Let’s take the case of India. It is one of the top ten countries affected by climate change published in the Global Climate Risk Index 2021 (GermanWatch Report, 2021). If we only look at this year, India has borne some of the biggest climate disasters namely, The ice glacier burst in Uttarakhand – a strong sign of the effects of global warming which can affect the safety of people and their access …

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15 smartphones, hanging from trees, is helping save a rainforest

Rainforest Rubies

Saving countless trees from illegal felling is an impossible task. Even if innumerable rangers were asked to monitor these trees at various forests, trees would still be cut. So how does one be sure that no such activity is happening while the ranger is at the other end of the protected forest? Can Technology help?

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Infographic: What is Tree Bombing

What is Seed Bombing

Fighter jets are popular for dog fights, death defying stunts, and next generation technologies but rather infamous for multiple bombings over the years that has cost thousands of lives and destroyed unaccountable property. Can these weapons of death, be used to create life?

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A board game that melts!


For kids the best way to teach is through games. But how would you teach kids on the effects of global warming on ice sheets through games?

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Famous musical artist from a popular music band called Black Eyed Peas has collaborated with The Coca-Cola Company along with other global brands like Levi’s jeans, Case-Mate, RVCA and MCM to initiate the EKOCYCLE movement. has literally and figuratively struck the right chord by joining this movement and showcasing his environmental consciousness, as it would inspire his fans. This one-of-its-kind movement is aimed at encouraging recycling behavior and essence of sustainability among consumers through aspirational, yet attainable lifestyle products made in part from recycled material. Coca-Cola has long being engaged in similar initiatives and is known for its …

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Responsible supply chain: ITC, Nokia & Dell


“Do not wait for extraordinary circumstances to do good action; try to use ordinary situations.” – Jean Paul Richter, German novelist and humorist ITC, India’s FMCG corporate giant, has conceptualized a recycling scheme called Wealth Out of Waste (WoW) that helps spread awareness about segregating, recycling and disposing waste responsibly. It is an internationally recognized initiative taken up by Bureau of International of Recycling, which is a world wide international trade federation representing the world’s recycling Industry, promoting recycling across the globe. ITC works in close cooperation with Resident Welfare Associations (RWAs) in India for widespread execution. The intention of …

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