A Pavegen Tile
A Pavegen Tile

40,000 marathoners run the Paris Marathon and energy is generated

On Sunday, an amusing event took place at the Paris Marathon; energy was harnessed when 40,000 runners ran the 42.2 km course!

The flexible tiles made from recycled truck tires were placed for about 25 meters, according to Pavegen Systems Ltd., the U.K. maker of the tiles. Each footstep generates as much as 8 watts of kinetic energy, which is fed back to batteries that can charge display screens and electronic signs along the route. Schneider Electric, the race sponsor, aims to eventually make the Paris Marathon an event that generates energy rather than consumes it.

According to an estimate, the 40,000 runners and the 25 metres of tiles will generate enough electricity to run a lightbulb for five days!

Now, where all can we place these tiles to get frequent stomps? How about placing such tiles in all the busy railway platforms of Mumbai?

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