Biogas: Compressed Packaged Waste

biogas bottling project

Production of biogas is a clean as well as low carbon technology project. It has the potential for leveraging sustainable livelihood development while tackling local and global land, air and water pollution. It is a versatile fuel as it can be used for thermal applications, power generation and as an automobile fuel.

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Google X: Balloon Powered Internet For All

project loon solar powered balloon

Google X has been taking some serious strides in the field of renewable energy in the last couple of weeks. It bought Makani Power, the guys behind harnessing wind energy by flying kites, and now they are utilizing high-altitude, SOLAR powered, balloons that can transmit signals across hundreds of square kilometres to provide net access.

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Infographic: Five Weird Energy Sources

If I were to ask you, what are the various sources of energy, you'd list them in a jiffy. What if I asked you the various sources of renewable energy? You'd still be quick but not as quick as your answers for the former question. Was that simple? How about, name a few rather absurd sources of energy?

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Is Toyota re-inventing the motorbike?

What happens when a motorcycle and an EV are crossed together? And what if Toyota plays catalyst? Toyota's i-ROAD is a fully-enclosed, two-seater, three-wheeled, fully-electric, Personal Mobility Vehicle (PMV) that is hoping to transform how city bikers travel.

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Four teenage girls from Africa have created a urine powered generator

urine powered generator

As a 14 year old, when we got down to doing some experiments or making something, the things that we could come up with was probably use the electric motor of our broken remote-control car in a motor boat that will sink within fifteen minutes of being in water (it was not adequately water proofed!) or make a steam boat from one of those many science experiments. Did you ever think of making a wind mill or a solar powered car or generate electricity from your pee!

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