coca cola in ice bottles
coca cola in ice bottles

Coke now serves itself in a bottle made of ICE!

If there ain’t any water, there will surely be a pet bottle. Likewise, if there is water, it’s the ubiquitous pet bottle that you will still find. Pet bottles are everywhere, and they are a nuisance to die hard environmentalists. Any solution? Stop buying them?

Coca Cola has come up with a brilliant environment-saving-initiative. Considering that it takes nearly ¼  a bottle of fuel to make the same pet bottle, Coke may have found THE solution to at least tackle their own waste!

Their new bottle is ice. Yup! Read it again! The soda megabrand is offering Coke to its Colombian market, served in a chilled bottle made of ice. Once your ice-cold beverage is consumed, the packaging melts away, leaving nothing to throw away or recycle. It sure is a marketing stunt, yet it does go on to say that it can be done!

Coke-shaped ice bottles were filled with the bubbly beverage, and then passed out with a slap-bracelet Coke label around the bottom to keep fingers from freezing. Once all the cola is consumed, users can use the remaining ice to cool down on the beach, or even take a chomp out of the edible bottle to keep cool. Once melted, only the bracelet label remains, which can be easily thrown into the recycle bin or worn.

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