• Tweego

    Our comic strip to empower children to care for the environment

  • Project Ela

    We teach kids on the importance of Organic Farming

  • Project Ela

    We teach kids on the importance of Organic Farming

  • The Postcard Project

    Over 200 postcards-with-postage stamps are printed and placed at various locations, encouraging people to write & share their love for Nature

  • Ek Titli Farms

    Our creations with Urban Farms

  • Ek Titli Farms

    We encourage & educate citizens to go Organic and live consciously for the environment

About Ek Titli

Ek Titli.Org is a unique volunteer driven initiative that serves as a platform to showcase all the constructive work happening in the space of Environment, Nature and Sustainability. We feature people & organizations that are helping create a harmonious and sustainable planet.

We presently write under the following categories:

  1. People & Initiatives
  2. Technology
  3. Sustainable Living
  4. Tweego (our comic strip for kids)
  5. Shutter bug (videos & photos)
  6. Fiction (stories, etc)
  7. Events (we feature all events happening around the world in the Green & Clean space)
  8. Crowd Funding (Through our portal, we help raise funds for various brilliant initiatives)
Our other interests are in Organic farming where we help citizens grow their own food, the organic and natural way. Know more at Ek Titli Farms. To participate in our various on-ground activities, click here.


Our vision is to provide

  1. insights & developments in the field of Green & Clean living,
  2. feature & organize events,
  3. secure crowd funding for various initiatives,
  4. serve as a rich database of individuals, organizations, products, etc that are helping create a sustainable world.
We love mails; Snail mails even more. And when you give us a ring, be ready for a warm Hi.

Mail us: Editor[at]EkTitli.org
To call us or email us from the website, click here

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Our Contributors

We at Ek Titli believe that it is our work and people, who contribute with their time and efforts, that defines us. They are our Change Makers. If you wish to be one, get in touch with us here