Tweego: Ma teaches the kids, how to reuse Tin cans

mango seeds

It has been raining cats and dogs and much to Fangchu’s dismay, Ma has asked him not to venture out into the garden. Ma did mention though that being the retreating monsoons, the rains will be over in a very short while. That did uplift Fangchu’s mood but not much to avoid Ma being concerned. She planned to sit with the kids and teach them on how they can recycle empty tin cans. This will avoid creation of waste and also help create new life. She sat together with the kids with the following items neatly laid out on the …

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Fangchu’s ‘thirst quenching’ trip

It was an unusual morning. A very rare occurrence since it was a mid-week holiday. The house was quiet and even Tweego’s antics seemed to have taken a break! He was sleeping peacefully near the doorway to the garden. But as soon as Fangchu stepped into the drawing room, his ears twitched. By the time Fangchu had reached his parents room, Tweego was already at his parent’s bed side, wagging his tail. Fangchu thought otherwise. His Father has been working late these past few days and needed a good round of sleep and rest. Much to his surprise, within an …

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The importance of Roots

What is the importance of Roots to a plant? Fangchu and Kia's mother teaches them on their importance and the role they play to the development of a plant.

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Transplanting the seedlings

Fangchu's mother teaches her two kids on how to transplant the seedlings that they had prepared. For Kia, Fangchu's little sister, it is more about the mud than the saplings!

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The Seed Experiment

Tweego, fangchu, kia, rakshabandhan

After their last experiment with a plant and a poly-bag, Ma teaches Kia and Fangchu to plant their first seed. It's their first seed experiment.

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Tweego teaches Fangchu

Fangchu was amazed to know that without plants, no life can exist on the planet! When he questioned his favourite teacher, Mrs. Yadav, on how plants support life, she was pleased to answer that plants purify the air by breathing in carbon dioxide and exhaling pure oxygen. They also purify the soil and even water. Apart from purifying Nature, plants also provide food to millions of different species including us, human beings, which makes us strong and helps us grow. Fangchu’s excitement knew no bounds. His mind was throbbing with ideas, that he was eager to get back home and …

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Fangchu makes a new friend

July 2nd, this day is the one day which always has Fangchu lost in thoughts just wandering “What could the Surprise be?” It’s Fangchu’s 12th birthday and like every child he is filled with excitement and curiosity. His little sister gave him a beautiful card which she made herself. She beautifully drew a young boy planting a sapling and wrote Happy Birthday and along with the card she gave him a rose plant as she knew her brother would have yelled at her for cutting the flower. Having the luxury of being driven home in a school bus he preferred …

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Introducing Tweego & Fangchu

introducing Fangchu & Tweego

Tweego is our earnest effort to create awareness amongst children of today to love and care for the environment. We hope to empower kids and their parents to take actionable steps in preserving our world for the present and future generations. Our central characters of this comic strip are Fangchu and his enlightened dog, Tweego. Character Sketch Fangchu Fangchu is the central character. He is a 12 year old urban kid studying in std. 6. He keeps to himself and does the things he loves to do, yet he is not a loner as he is busy satisfying his curiosity …

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