introducing Fangchu & Tweego

Introducing Tweego & Fangchu

Tweego is our earnest effort to create awareness amongst children of today to love and care for the environment. We hope to empower kids and their parents to take actionable steps in preserving our world for the present and future generations.

Our central characters of this comic strip are Fangchu and his enlightened dog, Tweego.

Character Sketch


Fangchu is the central character. He is a 12 year old urban kid studying in std. 6. He keeps to himself and does the things he loves to do, yet he is not a loner as he is busy satisfying his curiosity and inquisitiveness. He is a nature lover and through the problem that he sees around him, he chooses to address them to the best that he can. Being a kid, his solutions are as simple as they can be, hence very easily digestable.

He loves being outdoors amongst the greens along with his favourite buddy, his enlightened dog, Tweego.



Tweego is just like any other dog, is constantly wagging his tail, forever looking for a reason to jump at just about anything, even if it is the sukhoi that just blazed past. Surprisingly he loves chasing sukhois than the four wheeled medium of transport! Guess who wins? Though he wishes to be a super dog with a cape, a mask and super powers derived from his wag, but… he is super in his own ways.

He, occasionally, provides significant amount of food for thought to his under-intellectually-nourished pal, Fangchu! Can’t help it, he is super and enlightened 😀



Fangchu’s 5 year old sister, who is cute but naughty and loves and adores her elder brother.

You can download our very first article and comic that got published in Sakal YoungBuzz by clicking here To read our various comics, click here
The Comic
Tweego has been created by two non spitters-non garbage throwers-non electricity wasters-die hard Optimists who live a regular life and have an awesome job. To continue reading our various comics, click here

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