Transplanting the seedlings

Fangchu called this “The Muddy Bath” and to add to it, he picked up the water hose and turned it on. Water shot through the air and caught Kia and Tweego completely unaware. Fangchu wasn’t surprised. Kia and Tweego enjoyed every moment of digging the ground and getting drenched in water. After a while, when the soil was completely wet and the kids had had their fun, Ma asked Fangchu to turn off the water.

“Naughtiness is in your blood Kia. Same goes for you Tweego.” Ma said with a twinkle in her eye. A smile appeared on her face when she mentioned Tweego.

“Now before you kids catch a cold, let’s give these plants a home.”

The three of us moved closer to Ma.

“These seedlings are as delicate as new born babies.”

“While you move them to the area that you just dug, you will have to handle them with a lot of love and care. Any carelessness can harm them.” Ma was stern this time.

The kids nodded in unison; they realised the seriousness in this exercise.

Ma gently removed a seedling from one of the containers by inserting her fingers into the soil and under the seedling. With utmost care she pushed the soil along with the seedling into the palms of her other hand. In the cleared patch, where Kia had made little holes, Ma placed the seedling.

“And this is how one transplants. See how easy and simple it is.”

Before she could finish saying, “Now it’s your turn,” Kia and Fangchu already had a container in their hands.

They slowly removed each seedling and gave them each a home. All the seedlings were placed at least a foot away from each other. This gave them enough room to grow comfortably. It took the kids a while but when they finished they had the biggest glee that Ma had ever seen. Ma did a quick revision of all that was done and re-explained the importance.

“We drench the soil so that the root of the plants loosens. While transplanting, the roots easily give way. This is safe as no harm is done to the plant. The roots are like our mouths. Without the roots, no food and nutrients can reach the plant. That is the reason why we take so much care.”

“Now quickly rush and clean up. Daddy will be home soon and he will be eager to hear your experience.”

That was a lot of amazing information for the kids. With the experience playing in their minds, they walked out of the garden and into the house but just before they were out Ma’s view, she called out “Fangchu, Kia? It is your responsibility to take care of them. Spend some time with them and love them. They will surely grow up to be beautiful plants.”

Fangchu and Kia looked at each other and smiled. Kia held onto her bhaiya’s hand and walked into the house.

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