Can playing football bring light?

Can playing football address climate issues or curb use of kerosene? Can it bring light to areas that have never seen the wonders of electricity?

Jessica Matthews, the co-founder and CEO of Uncharted Play, was an undergraduate at Harvard when she and a handful of other students came up with a simple yet brilliant idea: make football, a popular pastime in many developing (and developed) nations, a useful activity.


The SOCCKET, their brilliant invention, is a water proof, durable, energy-harnessing football. Its pendulum-like mechanism inside the SOCCKET captures the kinetic energy generated during normal play, and stores it in the ball for later use as an off-grid power source. Just 30 minutes of play can power a simple LED lamp for 3 hours!

How a SOCCKET works
How a SOCCKET works

Apart from the standard ball, there are two other versions. One has emergency cell phone charging capability, so users can charge their mobile phones instead of a lamp while the other version tells how much energy has been generated when playing with the football.

The folks behind SOCCKET are looking for funds to scale up. If you have a penny, do contribute on their Kickstarter Campaign.

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