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Can playing football bring light?


Can playing football address climate issues or curb use of kerosene? Can it bring light to areas that have never seen the wonders of electricity? A three year old American initiative is doing just that.

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Danielle Berg is creating a video to spread awareness on the Choco Rainforests of Ecuador

Raul - Itapoa Farm, Ecuador

Three years ago I volunteered at the Itapoa Reserve, which is one of many organizations working toward protecting the Ecuadorian Choco. Raul, the owner of the Itapoa Reserve, is a biologist who has devoted his life to saving the Choco. I don’t say this lightly: he moved to the Choco rainforest 20 years ago, and never left. Every single day, he works towards reforesting the vanishing jungle. And there are others like him, and other organizations like his. Their dedication is stunning. The problem is, despite the efforts of men and women in Ecuador and abroad,¬†approximately just 0.3% of the …

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Help Protect Canada’s Killer Whales!

Cetus Straitwatch killer whales

The waters of the Pacific Northwest are home to a wide variety of majestic marine mammal species. Among these are the iconic Killer whales that people travel from around the globe to have a chance to glimpse in their natural environment. But everything is not Right! Do you think you can help?

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