Nature, the world’s best teacher


Nature is a great teacher. No wonder our ancestors used to look up to nature to understand about life itself. Our ancient scriptures are filled with hymns devoted to nature, as we treated nature as God in many instances. The Sun, Moon, Trees, Rivers, etc. all were treated as Divine creatures. What is it that Nature teaches us?

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Stop. Think. Shop. Green

Organic Clothing

Hitting the supermarket with a mammoth shopping list during a sale is what all of us have at least for once desired. Every shopping trip may not cause a dent in our pockets but it surely does cause an irreversible bit of harm to the environment. Eavesdrop to the brigade of environmentalists and you would know how much damage to the environment that our day out on shopping causes. Green purchasing involves learning the ways by which a product affects the environment in its entire life cycle. With the holiday season almost concluding make sure to plan out an eco-friendly …

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A New Beginning

Banyan Tree

Ever since I shifted to my new residence, I’ve been witnessing many beautiful sights thanks to the huge Pipal Tree in my compound. For the first time in this concrete jungle called Mumbai, I’ve been woken up by birds chirping sweetly.  They sure are very happy to wake up every morning, unlike the rest of us grumpy heads, who complain forever about getting up early. Till date I have seen at least seven varieties of birds from my window, not to mention the common crows and pigeons who think that my house is their watering hole. The tiny coppersmith barbet …

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If trees could talk..

If trees could talk, they would tell us                                                 ……Build…..                                          your castle high and strong, lock the exquisite, sandalwood  door  don’t   let  breeze  claw mahogany decor, acidic winds   roam  the    moor,  Noxious smoke  embraces  tight, an  ethereal heaven’s cry   scrounges barren  earth, ‘Neath scorching cerulean  sky When in  howling  shadows,   glare a    starless   night,  …

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Going Green Innovatively

Green is a powerful color. Strongly associated with Envy – one of the seven most deadly sins. But the beauty of this color is that it balances itself. It balances everything around it as well. Green signifies Mother Nature. It signifies growth, stability and harmony. It marks the onset of Spring- Hope. How do we instil that hope , that freshness back into our mundane lives? How do we ‘Go Green’? I could say ‘ Awesome let’s go plant a zillion trees ‘ Well…but that doesn’t really work. So I decided to keep it REAL and come up with 10 cool ways we …

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Pluck – If trees could talk…


This is a story of three friends Maple, Elma & Olivia. I am one of them. One day the angels decided to go down to their favorite orchard and see how everyone was living their lives. They had been blessed with special powers to grant wishes. There were three friends they were particularly keen on observing Maple, Elma and Olivia. They had heard from the orchard that these were the best of the lot. Maple wasn’t tall, she wasn’t the prettiest and no one quite took notice of her. She would stand in one corner all day long and watch …

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Going Green All The Way

Going Green

I wanted to participate in the Green Photo Blog last week but unfortunately missed out because of the timeline. So I am here just about time this week around. This particular topic is close to my heart and I try to adapt greener ways of life where all possible. Not really sure how innovative they are but I list here my wishful attempts to bring in the green consciousness into our daily lives. I try and follow lot of them and yet there are many more which I hope I will be able to adapt in the days to come. …

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If Trees Could Talk, They Would Tell Us……

Photo If Trees Could Talk

My roots spread in the deep fragments of the lovely luscious earth far and wide. I have sowed the seeds of life innumerable times and am happy to see them raising families everywhere. More than that, it makes me proud that they never gave up the values that they had been taught while young – always help humanity, in whatever manner possible. Yet, they suffer. In spite of doing good, in spite of sacrifice and selflessness they continue to be misused and abused. Just like me. ‘Does it run in the family?’ I wonder. You never know. Life is such. …

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All in a day’s work

All in a Day's Work

It was 5 in the morning. In the earlier days one would hear a cock crow. These days all cocks are probably incarcerated in poultry farms. All one could hear was the rambling sound of speeding cabs. BPOs have ensured that Tata Indicas are on road 24 hours a day. Otherwise it was a peaceful morning. A soft, cold breeze was blowing. The sky was transitioning from black to blue as the sun’s rays were trying to make their way through. The first rays of the sun woke Finglas up. It was the start of another hard day’s work. His …

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The Green Beautiful – a movie review

A beautiful story strongly encompassing the need to bring a spiritual balance of ecology, love and compassion in today’s world. Originally in French, the movie’s protagonist is Mila who is half earthling and half alien! She lives on a planet far away from ours much more spiritually advanced and ecologically balanced. The alien planet wants to send a representative to Earth to make a check of developments here and gauge the energy levels. What happens after that is what you will know when you watch the movie! The Green Beautiful has already won many awards at International film festivals, however …

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