Going Green Innovatively

Green is a powerful color. Strongly associated with Envy – one of the seven most deadly sins. But the beauty of this color is that it balances itself. It balances everything around it as well. Green signifies Mother Nature. It signifies growth, stability and harmony. It marks the onset of Spring- Hope.

How do we instil that hope , that freshness back into our mundane lives? How do we ‘Go Green’? I could say ‘ Awesome let’s go plant a zillion trees ‘ Well…but that doesn’t really work.

So I decided to keep it REAL and come up with 10 cool ways we could do that !

1. I love gifting people on special occasions. Well thought and planned gifts. And I am sure most of you do too. So this time get them a green gift!

Gift Suggestions:

  • A soy candle OR an organic bath kit for the ladies.
  • A Solar Flashlight for the men. Perfect for the adventurous soul!

2. Dab some green eyeliner, deck yourself up with emeralds and dance like an Egyptian!!

Yes…Did you know Green has healing powers? The Egyptians believed that this color could actually heal eyes. In fact the Eye of Horus amulet was commonly made of green stones as well.

3. Buy recycled paper bags! They are trendy and fashionable! Plastic is so last season folks! I say if you really wanna Go Green , do it in style

Must Check: Canvas Totes!

4. Be clingy! Start your own Chipkoo movement. You guessed it right! What are you waiting for? Go! Hug a tree!

Did you just ask me ‘HOW?’ Well (adjusts her glasses) there are various tree hugging styles I could think of…but that actually calls for another post .

For now let’s just be OLD SCHOOL!

5.  You are up in the attic and you come across loads of cool things from yesteryear! Awesome!!!

  • Have a Garage Sale! Use the money to buy plants for your lawn.
  • Go Vintage! Wear your granny’s lilac scarf to college the next day and make heads turn.
  • REUSE as much as you can.

6. We have already come up with 5 awesome points. Take a green break. Drink some KHUS while you listen to Pink Floyd’s “Green Is The Colour”:)

7. Skip the wait for the elevator. Take the stairs.  Bid farewell to that extra flab and for all you know you could run into someone interesting on the 7th floor. (Just an incentive people! Dont look at me like that !!

8. Shower time is not an Ad for LIRIL – the green colored soap! (The kids from 90s will know what I am talking about) Make it short and quick! Don’t overheat /waste water unnecessarily.

Did you know people in the mountains literally need to set a fire around a tube well and then pump out hot water during winters?! – Leave alone that most of the times they don’t even have cold water to carry out their daily ablutions. (Read this in a book last week…Even I had no idea!)

9. So you are having a party at your place! And there has got to be BEER! YAY! Do not use disposable cups. Yeah exactly – Even the recycled cups are sort of non-recyclable and they head straight to the landfills once used !

Also always choose Draught over Bottles!

10. This one is a friendly reminder: If you can turn ‘em ON, you can turn ‘em OFF too. (No pun intended)

And just remember if the Grinch could “Go Green” so could YOU! 

PS  The outrageous picture is dedicated to my love for Kiwis – the fruit

Author: Urvashi Marda

Urvashi is a Systems Engineer by profession. When not working, she can be found dancing to electronic music and writing for her blog – DarkCamouflage.

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