If trees could talk..

If trees could talk, they would tell us

                                         your castle high and
strong, lock the exquisite,
sandalwood  door  don’t   let 
breeze  claw mahogany decor, acidic
winds   roam  the    moor,  Noxious smoke 
embraces  tight, an  ethereal heaven’s cry  
scrounges barren  earth, ‘Neath scorching cerulean  sky
When in  howling  shadows,   glare a    starless   night, 
will you  repent hiding  the moon, behind materialistic
plight?   Marauding   lively   meadows  where will
you scuttle  for cover? Residing  in  concrete   
 haven      breathing     on      your    
carcinogenic         leftovers.
This world  is
not      Just  
where  you
dwell,   but
my Abode as
W    E    L     L

Author: Rajlakshmi Hati Boruah
This poem was written by Rajlakshmi Hati Boruah on her personal blog, Destiny’s Child. This was a winning entry in Green-O-Con(test), organized by Ek Titli on GingerChai.com, sponsored by Rustic Art

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