Anastacia – a Book Review

“Anastasia “ when my friend Dhyana first told me about the book, the name caught my fancy, what is it about I enquired, He told me it was about the new ways that this world is going to adapt , and is in first person. Quite interesting , I remarked. The very next day he gave me the book as he had finished reading it and felt it was something really really powerful and needed to be shared. Anastasia is a book about a mystical woman who lives in Siberia and was discovered by Vladimir Megre in 1995 while plying …

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The Silken Bonds

Tickled awake by morning dew; sluggish Arousal at first light. Yawning in those warm rays thus, Quivered the Mulberry with delight. The Sun, having blushed a moment, glowed anew: all bedazzling and bright. How festive the easterly hues felt, after that dreary bleak yester-night! In this growing light she beheld ‘Her’. A butterfly: quiescent betwixt moss. The cruel, cold gusts of yester-eve, rendering lifeless such lively gloss! The departed, in her last efforts, Had laid twin priceless pearls. Grieving Berry bosomed both. “Orphans you shall not be, my Girls! ” When have people of one kind but, Ever been benevolent …

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