Anastacia – a Book Review

Anastasia by Vladimir Megre
Anastasia by Vladimir Megre

“Anastasia “ when my friend Dhyana first told me about the book, the name caught my fancy, what is it about I enquired, He told me it was about the new ways that this world is going to adapt , and is in first person. Quite interesting , I remarked. The very next day he gave me the book as he had finished reading it and felt it was something really really powerful and needed to be shared.

Anastasia is a book about a mystical woman who lives in Siberia and was discovered by Vladimir Megre in 1995 while plying by the Ob. It is a real story about this woman who was born in 1969 to parents who died while she was still a baby; Anastacia survived in the lap of nature ,without any warm clothes (considering Siberia!!) and feeding on nuts and berries hand-picked and fed by squirrels and other wild animals in the deep forests of Siberia.

The book is a part of the Ringing Cedar Series which brings back the wisdom of this planet in the most amazingly appropriate way with stark accurate predictions and guidance for the New Age. Anastasia meets the author in a very interesting way and changes her form ,speaking about the ray of light that is within everyone and that we all need to connect to the Source Consciousness to take decisions. She also mentions about the mind that wanders and that the light continues to shine upon us, whether we are aware or not. She speaks about how the Ringing Cedars have helped people to maintain a healthy and long life, sometimes spanning over 300 years and these are normal villagers!

She has eloquently put forward the path of simplicity in the first book and that one needs to follow his heart to be happy. Anastasia is being widely appreciated all over the world for her initiatives in awakening people all over the world about the concept of Organic farming and growing their own vegetables. The book speaks that when one plants vegetables or fruit in his garden, the plants become aware of the energy of the one planting it. Hence when one eats these vegetables, they are far more healthy and help in healing any disease that may even have a possibility of occurrence in the distant future. Plants speak closely to the ones who have planted them with love and affection! I experienced this too!

Learning to raise bees and farm your own honey and wax and also balance the nature by earning a decent source of livelihood. Anastasia is all about being a self sufficient economy and most importantly a green-based one! No wonder it is moving Governments of nations to stand up and pay attention to the challenges this world is facing; and does not stop only at that, it gives practical solutions too. And to prove it, the countries of Russia and adjoining nations have already begun practicing this! And flourishing! Need I add!

Siberia The book speaks in all practicality , and not just theory of how much damage has been done to the eco-system but the right measures to balance our planet in perfect ,healthy lifestyle changes even for the regular corporate honcho . It is a book for the new age and has arrived just in perfect time!

The book has given me very interesting insights and as Anastasia herself says, it is a feel-good book and millions across the world are experiencing creative outburst and a feeling of calm and peace after reading the Ringing Cedar Series. Anastasia’s prediction of Vladimir (who wasn’t a writer before) becoming a millionaire in the initial few years of the book’s sales have also come true ? and that too only by world of mouth!

The Russian Government has openly accepted the teachings of Anastasia and there are numerous conferences being held throughout Europe and Russia to encourage eco-village movement. Inhabitants of Moscow, Irkutsk, Ivanovo. Kazakhstan and Tajikistan which were a part of the Soviet Union are all returning to their homelands to start their own farms in creating self sustainable communities among themselves and their neighbors who are artisans, executives, doctors, teachers, entrepreneurs, engineers and writers.

Anastasia’s messages are based on love and truth and that is what that has most attracted the people of all races all over the world. That love and truth are beyond religion; and if we want a peaceful world, without any pain and suffering we all must come together in Truth and Love and create the World we are surely deserving of.

I’m reminded of John Lennon’s eternal lines.. The rest I leave up to you to fully read and understand the wisdom that will serve its purpose only if people like us understand and stand up to make a difference. And how…well the book tells you that too!!!

“You may say I’m a dreamer,
But I’m not the only one.
I hope someday you’ll join us
And the world will live as one.”

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Author: Dr. Kavita Chandrashekhar

Kavita got initiated in Kriya yoga at an early age of 17. She learnt to communicate with plants and rocks during her learning period with Himalayan masters. Communicating with the underlying spirit of all that is, is her special gift. She is an avid nature lover, a technically qualified software engineer and youngest Asian with a doctorate in Applied Metaphysics from University of Arizona. She loves to write, meditate and cherish all things beautiful.
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