Energy Efficiency Business Plan Competiton: InEnCy

It has been estimated that India’s energy requirement will more than double in another 20 years. Is this for real? We are already living in a furnace of an environment where winter, summer and monsoon occur in extremes, losing the balance they should have.
For our country, where the thrust of all economic activities is to achieve rapid growth, the CO2 emissions are bound to be high. So is the battle already lost? Not really. Well, there isn’t any U-turn, but the way ahead need not be like the path taken so far. It’s surprising how energy efficiency can be achieved tremendously through various ways and means. In fact, there is a growing pressure on the government authorities to take up projects in the industrial sector that help preserve energy.

InEnCy: An Energy Efficieny Business Plan Competition

Specially, small scale industries, which are so many in India, are now looking up to energy efficiency know-how and the resources to apply them. Even the households are progressively making changes in the way they consume energy, thanks to the growing awareness. But how do we take this ahead from here? Dedicated energy efficiency projects should be launched and researched upon, inventions or ideas that can help calm down this inferno we are living in. There is a huge scope for such ventures in every sector that our economy comprises of.

IndiaCo Ventures, a BSE listed private equity player, has a separate fund for Energy Efficient Projects. They look out for viable start-ups in this domain and fund them to make energy efficiency a reality. They recently launched a business plan competition, InEnCy, dedicated to electric energy efficiency. InEnCy invites innovative electric energy efficiency ideas that are practical and viable, easy to apply at home or at the factory shop floor. The winner gets a cash prize of Rs 5,00,000 and an opportunity to get funding from Indiaco’s Energy Efficiency Fund. For more details, drop in at

When we heal the earth, we heal ourselves.  ~David Orr

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