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Biogas: Compressed Packaged Waste

biogas bottling project

Production of biogas is a clean as well as low carbon technology project. It has the potential for leveraging sustainable livelihood development while tackling local and global land, air and water pollution. It is a versatile fuel as it can be used for thermal applications, power generation and as an automobile fuel.

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Take A Flight With Birds

Hill Myna

Have you ever been fascinated by the colorful birds flying high in the sky, like an epitome of freedom and beauty at the same time? Don’t you sometimes wish that you were one of them? While it’s hard to fly like a bird, it’s possible to see them closely to understand more about them and know them with a deeper understanding. KV Eldhose organizes mesmerizing bird tours in Southern India and those who have been on his tours have seen 300 different species of birds during the expedition. Here, in conversation with Ek Titli, he tells us more on his …

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Greenomics: Livelihood and development as a composite whole

Over the past few months, Indian government has witnessed major commotion on grounds of environmental stability and economic growth. The government has been striving to come to a consensus between the dilemma of focusing on developmental goals and simultaneously maintaining ecological balance. There is an incessant tension between those who support development and those who fight for environment protection. The two groups do not look eye to eye and with every passing day, the gap seems to be widening. Jairam Ramesh, Minister of Environment and Forests, Government of India very aptly puts it: “Choices need to be made about large projects …

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India : a hot spot for Renewable Energy

India is fast emerging as a frontrunner in terms of harnessing renewable energy resources. It has been ranked No.1, on par with the US, in annual solar power generation, while it claims the fifth spot in wind power generation. India also makes it to a credible fourth position for scope, space and facilities allotted for renewable energy expansion. In its survey (ended May 2009), Mc Kinsey & Company has stated that India has an annual solar energy yield of between 1,700-1,900 kWh/KWp of installed capacity, one of the world’s highest solar intensities. As per the BP statistical review of world …

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InEnCy Sector Focus

The industrial sector in India accounts for upto 36% of electricity consumption in India. That makes industrial sector the biggest consumer of electricity. The energy intensive sectors like cement, textiles, iron, steel, cement and fertilizers are the prime users, consuming upto 70% of this electricity. Around 15-25% of this consumption is avoidable. The second biggest consumers of electric energy are the domestic and the commercial sectors, consuming upto 33% of the total electricity. Daytime lights usage is the biggest contributor to the electricity consumption in buildings. Similarly, in the domestic sector, lighting and fans contribute the maximum to the electricity …

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Energy Efficiency Business Plan Competiton: InEnCy

It has been estimated that India’s energy requirement will more than double in another 20 years. Is this for real? We are already living in a furnace of an environment where winter, summer and monsoon occur in extremes, losing the balance they should have. For our country, where the thrust of all economic activities is to achieve rapid growth, the CO2 emissions are bound to be high. So is the battle already lost? Not really. Well, there isn’t any U-turn, but the way ahead need not be like the path taken so far. It’s surprising how energy efficiency can be …

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Green Hotels in India : A sneak peak at Responsible Luxury

Ask any old time resident of Bengaluru what’s changed and the answer will inevitably be – everything. This city that was once known for its sprawling gardens, open-spaces, empty-roads and amicable weather, is today a bustling metropolis. Life is fast, and the green is disappearing even faster. As the city widens, nature seems to get more and more distant and you are left wondering if the famous Lalbaugh and Cubbon Park will be the only token lush areas left. And on this melancholy strain, your eyes chance upon an elegant sandstone structure rising above Residency Road. Welcome to the ITC …

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The Life of an Organic Tea Bag

India is the largest consumer of black tea; a fact that comes as no surprise to a Bengali like me, having seen the sheer amount of tea my family consumes in a week. Although ‘chai’ – the hot and sweet beverage – has been a part of our everyday life for a long time, it is only recently that its health benefits have become commonly known. Tea is rich in antioxidants and is a natural source of fluoride, which helps in controlling cholesterol, blood pressure and has been shown to inhibit cancer. Most of the tea we consume, however, is …

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Birdmen of India

India is home to over a tenth of the total number of bird species that inhabit our planet. This rich diversity is spread over a wide geographical area and is scattered across a variety of landscapes and habitats. The archival of information on these species, their habits, and migration patterns has taken the collective sweat of a long line of ornithologists to whom we owe a huge debt. This article aims to profile a few of the stalwarts in the study of Indian birds. Allan Octavian Hume is popularly known as the founder of the Indian National Congress, but a …

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