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The industrial sector in India accounts for upto 36% of electricity consumption in India. That makes industrial sector the biggest consumer of electricity. The energy intensive sectors like cement, textiles, iron, steel, cement and fertilizers are the prime users, consuming upto 70% of this electricity. Around 15-25% of this consumption is avoidable. The second biggest consumers of electric energy are the domestic and the commercial sectors, consuming upto 33% of the total electricity.

InEnCy: An Energy Efficieny Business Plan Competition

Daytime lights usage is the biggest contributor to the electricity consumption in buildings. Similarly, in the domestic sector, lighting and fans contribute the maximum to the electricity energy consumption. More than 20% of this energy consumption is due to inefficient equipment and non-optimized processes.

InEnCy business plan competition has identified a few areas that can give the highest energy saving potential in the industrial and building sectors:

•   Industrial Sector

–       Indoor lighting

–       Outdoor lighting

•   Process control and automation

–       Heating Ventilation and Air conditioning

•   Building Sector

–       Indoor lighting

–       Heating Ventilation and Air conditioning

Based on research, the technologies that enable energy optimization in these sectors are:

  1. Smart Lighting Devices
  2. HVAC Technologies
  3. Waste Heat Recovery & Co-generation
  4. IT-based Energy Monitoring & Management Tools
  5. Industrial Process Automation & Optimization

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