A board game that melts!

For kids the best way to teach is through games. But how would you teach kids on the effects of global warming on ice sheets through games?

Meltdown’, a family board game has been created by GEOlino, a German science magazine for children, to show its young readers the effects in a playful way.

The Board Game

The aim of the game is to save a polar bear family by guiding them from melting ice to the safety of the mainland.

The blue game board, that represents the sea, is made out of sponge and the game blocks are made of ice. Before playing, the accompanying mould needs to be filled with water and placed in the freezer. When frozen, the blocks are removed and arranged to look like the Arctic. After the game begins, it is a race against time to guide the polar bears to safety across the slowly melting ice blocks.

Watch the video below to see it in action.

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