Vaibhav Dugar

Co-Founder & Organic Farming Expert
Vaibhav is a Telecommunications Engineer and a Marketing Geek but his love is working with Nature. He sets up organic/natural farms, micro-organic farms and specialized farms. If he ain’t working, he is either reading, playing football or cycling. Being a die-hard Alonso fan, he enjoys watching him race the many Formula 1 circuits around the globe.
To have a simple conversation or need to see a smiling face, mail him at Vaibhav.Dugar [at]

Only 26, he has already restored 6 lakes in the country!

Arun Krishnamurthy at Kilkattallai Lake

Arun Krishnmurthy, a passionate conservationist, quit a promising career at Google to form his own NGO in Chennai, calling it the Environmentalist Foundation of India (EFI), which is now active in three Indian cities. One of its most exciting programmes is the Lake Biodiversity Restoration project which has already restored six lakes across the country.

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Danielle Berg is creating a video to spread awareness on the Choco Rainforests of Ecuador

Raul - Itapoa Farm, Ecuador

Three years ago I volunteered at the Itapoa Reserve, which is one of many organizations working toward protecting the Ecuadorian Choco. Raul, the owner of the Itapoa Reserve, is a biologist who has devoted his life to saving the Choco. I don’t say this lightly: he moved to the Choco rainforest 20 years ago, and never left. Every single day, he works towards reforesting the vanishing jungle. And there are others like him, and other organizations like his. Their dedication is stunning. The problem is, despite the efforts of men and women in Ecuador and abroad, approximately just 0.3% of the …

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Guardian of the Gran Chaco

Erika Cuéllar

Erika Cuéllar is training local people in Bolivia, Paraguay and Argentina as parabiologists with the aim of protecting the extraordinary biodiversity of one of South America’s last truly wild environments, the Gran Chaco. This hot, relatively inhospitable environment has the second-largest forest in South America after the Amazon.

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Four teenage girls from Africa have created a urine powered generator

urine powered generator

As a 14 year old, when we got down to doing some experiments or making something, the things that we could come up with was probably use the electric motor of our broken remote-control car in a motor boat that will sink within fifteen minutes of being in water (it was not adequately water proofed!) or make a steam boat from one of those many science experiments. Did you ever think of making a wind mill or a solar powered car or generate electricity from your pee!

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Portable Wind Turbine

Have you ever heard of a Wind Turbine that is portable or can be shipped in a standard container? And can be set-up by a technician in a day and saves you on any site improvements or cranes?

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Tweego teaches Fangchu

Fangchu was amazed to know that without plants, no life can exist on the planet! When he questioned his favourite teacher, Mrs. Yadav, on how plants support life, she was pleased to answer that plants purify the air by breathing in carbon dioxide and exhaling pure oxygen. They also purify the soil and even water. Apart from purifying Nature, plants also provide food to millions of different species including us, human beings, which makes us strong and helps us grow. Fangchu’s excitement knew no bounds. His mind was throbbing with ideas, that he was eager to get back home and …

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