Portable Wind Turbine

Have you ever heard of a Wind Turbine that is portable or can be shipped in a standard container? And can be set-up by a technician in a day and saves you on any site improvements or cranes?

A 50kW mobile wind turbine dubbed the Portable Power Center (PPC) developed by Uprise Energy, a US based firm, can be dismantled and transported anywhere very easily. It is said to deliver renewable energy at a cost competitive with current fossil fuel rates.

The machine that Uprise has developed applies a number of modern technologies to produce a small wind machine that excels in low wind speed environments. The Energy Conversion System (ECS) overcomes many constraints in conventional wind energy and replaces failure prone components with proven technologies.

Each of the four PPC turbine blades are 21 ft (6.5 meters) long, and when operational, the entire height of the machine is around 80 ft (24 meters)
If the machine sees an average wind speed of 20kmph over a 20 year period, the power it produces will work out at around $0.10 for each kilowatt per hour.

The PPC is still in development at the moment, but when it is released, complete units are expected to be available for US$240,000.

The promo video below offers further information on how the PPC will be transported and deployed.

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