Vaibhav Dugar

Co-Founder & Organic Farming Expert
Vaibhav is a Telecommunications Engineer and a Marketing Geek but his love is working with Nature. He sets up organic/natural farms, micro-organic farms and specialized farms. If he ain’t working, he is either reading, playing football or cycling. Being a die-hard Alonso fan, he enjoys watching him race the many Formula 1 circuits around the globe.
To have a simple conversation or need to see a smiling face, mail him at Vaibhav.Dugar [at]

Transplanting the seedlings

Fangchu's mother teaches her two kids on how to transplant the seedlings that they had prepared. For Kia, Fangchu's little sister, it is more about the mud than the saplings!

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The Seed Experiment

Tweego, fangchu, kia, rakshabandhan

After their last experiment with a plant and a poly-bag, Ma teaches Kia and Fangchu to plant their first seed. It's their first seed experiment.

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The School Project: Tulapur

Ek Titli Tulapur school

We at Ek Titli will educate approximately 60 students, at the village’s only school, on Environmental consciousness and sustainable agricultural practices. We also intend to sensitize the locals on waste management and the benefits of sustainable farming practices.

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