Green Fuel to the respite!


Fuel consumption, as we all know, is a major issue in today’s world. Since oil reserves are running low, we would either need to cut down on our fuel consumption or start investing in bicycles! Julesh Bhatia, founder, Eco Green Fuels, talks to Ek Titli about his invention in this space.

Founded in the year 2007, Eco Green Fuels Pvt. Ltd. (EGF) is the first company in India to have established an end to end solution in the emerging market of alternative fuels through the agricultural route. The concept has novel objectives like providing village employment, creating green patches on dry land, help corporate organizations achieve their CSR objectives and also provide Bio Manure to organic farmers all over the world.

Eco Green Fuels“The purpose behind Eco Green Fuels was not commercial at all. The concept evolved due to the global warming issues that people woke up to, quite suddenly. I realised I had to do my bit by giving back to the nature whatever I could in my own capacities. Hence, I identified a dry, degraded waste land in a remote area and developed a biodiesel plantation using the energy crop called Pongamia Pinnata after a few years of research. The plantation target was achieved in the year 2008.” says Julesh.

Biodiesel is an extension of this very concept. They are pursuing to make use of 75 tons of biofuel by converting it to biodiesel and are currently supplying to Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation and a few other well known corporate organizations who intend to address the pollution problem which results in running their industries.

They are also, for the first time inIndia, engaged in converting biodiesel from used cooking oil, which otherwise is re-used by the road-side bhajjiawallahs.

“Of course, with this unique concept, industry and nature go hand in hand, and in a country like ours, where tropical climate exists, energy crops like Pongamia’s performance is excellent. The very fact that this is one species that has been living amongst us for centuries is a testimony to its capabilities!”

Finally, I believe that one could get initiation from others, but the inspiration must come from within.

signs off Julesh.

Author: Mansi Bagga

Mansi Bagga is an MBA student, pursuing a course in Communication Management. She is a highly enthusiastic person, always willing to learn more and do more. She is an Indian by origin and a Thai citizen by virtue. She can be reached at

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