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Green Fuel to the respite!


Fuel consumption, as we all know, is a major issue in today’s world. Since oil reserves are running low, we would either need to cut down on our fuel consumption or start investing in bicycles! Julesh Bhatia, founder, Eco Green Fuels, talks to Ek Titli about his invention in this space. Founded in the year 2007, Eco Green Fuels Pvt. Ltd. (EGF) is the first company in India to have established an end to end solution in the emerging market of alternative fuels through the agricultural route. The concept has novel objectives like providing village employment, creating green patches on …

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Air Filtering Plants

While you are cleaning and tidying up your abode, how about using some help from our little green friends? This week we list down a few plants that will make your task all the more easier and comfortable. Plants that purify the air: Plants apart from absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen also eliminate significant amounts of benzene, formaldehyde and trichloroethylene. These chemical compounds are commonly found in the air of every household as it is emitted by oils, paints, rubber, plastic, detergents & synthetic fibres, etc. A quick Google of these chemicals will show you a list of ailments …

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Bringing Art & Nature Together

Honor the Earth

Each bag is a unique project –a blend of ideas, forms and colours which make every item a work of art. Drawing on the traditions of original art by American Artists off the walls and bringing it into our everyday lives by screening it onto certified organic cotton handbags, using water based dyes is what Eco Art Productions is all about. Eco Art Handbags are a statement about our environment. The art represents our diversity as a country by showcasing artists from all walks of life, different regions of the country and different ethnic backgrounds. Started in the year 2008 …

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Herbs Continued


How are the tomatoes doing? Did you know cucumber is 95% water? So, how are the Cucumbers doing? What about Basil, Mint and Dill? Did you try their leaves yet or are they still too small? If you are wondering where this is headed, click on the Organic Cooking section on the portal and read through all that we have covered from the basics of Organic Gardening to growing your own vegetables, Salads and Herbs in the last few articles. Last week we covered a few herbs such as Basil, Dill and Mint; whereas this week we’ll cover Rosemary, Thyme …

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Salad Garden

In the last article we described how to grow tomatoes, carrots and cucumber. This article will take you through a few more do-it-yourself farming, on growing your own little salad garden. Salad is often considered as a healthy diet food, but the benefits of eating a salad go well beyond dieting and weight loss. Salads keep you hydrated, add fibre, increase the intake of vitamins and nutrients in your body, reduce calories and improve digestion. Here are a few important ingredients to making a sumptuous salad. Onions: How to Grow: Onions grow to a height of around a feet and …

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Going Green All The Way

Going Green

I wanted to participate in the Green Photo Blog last week but unfortunately missed out because of the timeline. So I am here just about time this week around. This particular topic is close to my heart and I try to adapt greener ways of life where all possible. Not really sure how innovative they are but I list here my wishful attempts to bring in the green consciousness into our daily lives. I try and follow lot of them and yet there are many more which I hope I will be able to adapt in the days to come. …

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First Seeds

Nature is a humongous assembly line where every being on the planet is playing an active role in the process of creation of food. Some help either pollinate or till the soil, while some eat the produce. It’s a perfectly harmonious system, where every being in the process benefits. Apart from Man, no other being alters the role that it plays. Astonishingly, when one changes its role, the entire system shakes. That is exactly what is happening now. Our intervention in this process of creation of food is leading to mass extinction of species. Man is suffering too. From never …

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Organic Pesticide – It’s time you made the switch

A gardener’s enemy are pests. They can destroy your entire garden by the time you finish reading this article! To see that you continue reading this fortnightly column, we’ve listed a few tips that will keep that smile on your face. The column stresses on Organic practices because it not only helps you, but also the beneficial insects, your plants, the soil and birds. World pesticide use exceeds 5.0 billion lbs at a total cost of approximately $ 64.5 billion but less than 0.1% actually makes it to the target pest, the remaining either enters the food chain, seeps into …

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Best Out Of Waste

We have all heard of composting. It was taught to us in school. Ever wondered how powerful that concept is? It is so simple and easy to implement and can make such a huge impact on the environment. All it requires is that you dump your organic waste into a compost pit and see it transform into healthy manure. If you are still clueless, meet the Daily Dump. It is a Bangalore based organization that helps you set up the composting in your house. After the setup is done, they can even do ‘crisis visits’ to your compost corner to …

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