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Nutrition, the organic way!

Organic India

Organic India, based in Lucknow, is committed towards being globally recognized as a reliable and competitive supplier of the highest quality organic food and health products. They have expanded their Certified Organic Agro-Cultivation base multi-fold with all types of raw farm produce. Their agro projects are now widely spread over Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh in addition to a large expansion area in Bundelkhand, UP. Today they are operating in about 50,000 acres of certified organic land. Their products are supplied across the world including UK, France, Japan, Israel, Finland, Mauritius, Germany, South Africa, Czech Republic, Australia, USA, etc. …

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Go organic this winter!!


After the scorching heat and the messy rains, winter comes as a sweet disguise. The weather is pleasant, the mood in the air is eclectic, and there is a feeling of being outdoors more often than sitting indoors. A change in the weather also changes our daily lifestyle as longer nights give us ample periods of rest. But a drop in temperature can catch us unprepared and our bodies will succumb to these changes. The last week I have been in bed with a sore throat, running nose and a bad back pain. Well the weather caught me unprepared for …

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Aloe Vera

Diabetes is one of the oldest known diseases. An Egyptian manuscript mentions the phrase “the passing of too much urine” to describe the prevalence of the disease then, while in India, the great physician Sushruta, identified the disease and classified it as Medhumeha. The ancient Indians tested for diabetes by observing whether ants were attracted to a person’s urine, and called the ailment “sweet urine disease”. Of the estimated 346 million people worldwide that suffer from Diabetes, around 51 million are in India alone! According to a WHO report, an estimated 3.4 million people died from consequences of high blood …

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Herbs Continued


How are the tomatoes doing? Did you know cucumber is 95% water? So, how are the Cucumbers doing? What about Basil, Mint and Dill? Did you try their leaves yet or are they still too small? If you are wondering where this is headed, click on the Organic Cooking section on the portal and read through all that we have covered from the basics of Organic Gardening to growing your own vegetables, Salads and Herbs in the last few articles. Last week we covered a few herbs such as Basil, Dill and Mint; whereas this week we’ll cover Rosemary, Thyme …

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First Seeds

Nature is a humongous assembly line where every being on the planet is playing an active role in the process of creation of food. Some help either pollinate or till the soil, while some eat the produce. It’s a perfectly harmonious system, where every being in the process benefits. Apart from Man, no other being alters the role that it plays. Astonishingly, when one changes its role, the entire system shakes. That is exactly what is happening now. Our intervention in this process of creation of food is leading to mass extinction of species. Man is suffering too. From never …

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Organic Pesticide – It’s time you made the switch

A gardener’s enemy are pests. They can destroy your entire garden by the time you finish reading this article! To see that you continue reading this fortnightly column, we’ve listed a few tips that will keep that smile on your face. The column stresses on Organic practices because it not only helps you, but also the beneficial insects, your plants, the soil and birds. World pesticide use exceeds 5.0 billion lbs at a total cost of approximately $ 64.5 billion but less than 0.1% actually makes it to the target pest, the remaining either enters the food chain, seeps into …

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DNA: The titli flutters over green hearts


Fed up of pesticide laden vegetables? Then why not grow organic vegetables at home. No space? Even a small gallery or even unused bottles and cans are enough to grow vegetables at home. How? Ask Ek Titli. Ek Titli is an entrepreneurial venture by young enthusiasts such as Vaibhav Dugar, who have given up lucrative careers to find green solutions. Along with their other initiatives they have started developing micro organic farms in the city. Read More

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…And this is why you should go organic!

All the pictures used in this post are of his farm produce.

Farming practices traditionally were of the natural and organic kind, whether it were huge hectare’s of land or just a small little garden. It kept the entire ecosystem in balance. It maintained a systematic balance between the soil, insects and birds, water and air. The total ecosystem around each plant is really one living system, one organism. And the health of each of the parts impacts on the health of the whole. The current practices of farming has direct implications on each of these parts, resulting in the once self sustaining soil being completely dependent as the organisms that made …

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The Life of an Organic Tea Bag

India is the largest consumer of black tea; a fact that comes as no surprise to a Bengali like me, having seen the sheer amount of tea my family consumes in a week. Although ‘chai’ – the hot and sweet beverage – has been a part of our everyday life for a long time, it is only recently that its health benefits have become commonly known. Tea is rich in antioxidants and is a natural source of fluoride, which helps in controlling cholesterol, blood pressure and has been shown to inhibit cancer. Most of the tea we consume, however, is …

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