Photo If Trees Could Talk

If Trees Could Talk, They Would Tell Us……

Photo If Trees Could Talk
Photo Courtesy : Lune Rambler

My roots spread in the deep fragments of the lovely luscious earth far and wide. I have sowed the seeds of life innumerable times and am happy to see them raising families everywhere. More than that, it makes me proud that they never gave up the values that they had been taught while young – always help humanity, in whatever manner possible.

Yet, they suffer. In spite of doing good, in spite of sacrifice and selflessness they continue to be misused and abused. Just like me.

‘Does it run in the family?’ I wonder.

You never know. Life is such. Just sacrifice and good values do not guarantee survival and joy.  I have seen innumerable friends and relatives of mine get executed by the creatures that pride themselves on being all-knowing, sixth sensed and humble.

What kind of knowledge is this that makes one want to only take endlessly without even an iota of gratitude within?

What kind of sixth sense is this that cannot even sense when another is suffering because of cruel thoughts and deeds?

What kind of humility is this that floats in the air of superficiality permitting a creation to get destroyed for one’s survival or luxurious desire?

I am still strong. My arms are still beautiful and stretch out to caress the wind and just about anyone who wants me.

I can still offer love to anyone who cares, who is sensitive and who is in need of warmth.

Some do come and visit me. Many have been my friends for ages. We even think about the good ol’ times when life was far more simple, easier to breathe with caring, sensitive and sensible people around. Alas! those were happy times that have now disappeared into oblivion. Today, I stand alone.

What had I asked for? Why am I and my friends being ill-treated? For loving? For giving? For reaching out?

If this is a sin, then, of what use is a life tormented and tattered by disgusting destruction in mind, soul and spirit?

The storm is arriving once again. It beckons me like it did the last time. Every time, I thwarted the thought away. I had so many reasons to live for. But not now. Not anymore…

I can see the dark clouds. I can see the thunder and lightning. I raise my pretty loving arms in the air requesting, nay, pleading to the Lords to shower this unconditional natural love all over me. I want to be drenched in the floods of ferocious futility. I want to drown in the roaring warmth of the sheets of pouring rain. Never to come out of the ecstasy of selfless nature. 

Take me in oh! dark clouds.  I want to die in your arms before cruel humanity cruelly squeezes the juice of life out of me. I want to go, away, forever……………

Author: Shail Raghuvanshi
This article was published by Shail Raghuvanshi on her blog Muse n’ This was a shortlisted entry for Green-O-Con(test) hosted by EkTitli on, sponsored by Rustic Art. You can reach her at

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