Green Good News! Yes, we are serious!

While it is an architectural delight, it is also a recharging port for your gadgets. You can even relax on it on a sunny, winter morning or just laze around with friends. That’s what Architecture students at Massachusetts Institute of Technology have given form to, under the mentorship of Prof Sheila Kennedy.

The unique piece of furniture uses the human power to create 1.5 axis 35 watt solar tracking system. It utilizes a 12-amp hour battery that stores the solar energy gathered during day-hours. This allows for energy availability even when it’s dark.

It is a commendable innovation on part of the MIT students and their professor, making it an epitome of sustainable novelty. It’s encouraging to see that even great tech institutions like MIT are delivering eco-friendly solutions, making the global green-drive stronger.

Closer home, we see even corporate houses getting environment conscious and taking serious steps in giving momentum to choosing green alternatives. iCreate, a Bengaluru based banking software firm, has made CyBUS Day a regular in their organization. On this day, they encourage employees to commute to office on a cycle or through public transport. One is even free to run or simply walk to the work place. It has been a great success and set an example for others to follow.

Isn’t all this so amazing to see? Guess there are some really good developments happening in the green space. And we, at Ek Titli, smile with reassurance 🙂

Author: Swati Maheshwari
Swati is a Communications Consultant and is actively associated with Ek Titli. She loves to write and tries to sing at times :) She feels strongly for sustainable living. You can reach her at

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