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ekTitli magazineThat’s what Ek Titli – The Magazine is about.
Everyday we come across mailboxes, newspapers and websites flooded with a plethora of information with dire predictions about our environment. Amidst all the hype about Global Warming, Greenhouse gases, Pollution, impending apocalypse, there is an important, yet disconnected element….. YOU. You lost touch because at some point all this information got to you. And yet in all of us, there is a part that still wants to reconnect, a part that wants us to see the environment in a way we can associate with her again, a part that wants us to see that there may be problems but that the solutions are quite easily attainable. Ek Titli is just that. We want you to re-establish that connect and to this we present the concept of “EASY GREEN”.

This month we feature unique insights and perspectives on life… We begin with an exclusive on the Reva, India’s first zero-emission car… We then delve into the art of sushi making and how we can make it sustainable… And then we want you to recharge so we offer you a first hand look at the concept of Holistic Resorts with an exclusive on “Our Native Village” in Bangalore and also at Green habitats in your own city in our “Urban Lungs” column. And now for the cherry, our 3 exclusive photo-journals that our worth more than thousands of words.

So read on….

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