The titli has arrived

Where do we start, how do we start…” We checked what we already had. We had enough hands and INOX (Pune) was willing to be a part of this. That left us with sourcing the plants and pot. Chetan was ready with a list of numbers and addressess. The four of us, Siddhu, Nikhil, Chetan and me divided the work amongst us. Siddhu and Nikhil looked into one half of the city while Chetan and me looked into the other half which also included meeting the GM of INOX.

The INOX deal was a huge thrust of encouragement. We were given far more than we expected. Apart from space at the parking lot and opposite the box office we were given places to put up posters.

It’s said that good always happens when good is being done. In a short while we had finalized our pots and plants and also thought of concepts for our posters.

On D-day responsibilities were shared. The girls headed by Aditi took care of operations at INOX, Vinay, our creative guy, took care of putting the concepts on paper, while the rest, the guys, had to fill the pots with mud and carefully place the plant in them.

By 3 pm we were all set. Everyone was briefed on the importance of the activity and on ek titli.

We were all spirited people having a common goal and with immense enthusiasm we distributed a total of 102 plants in just about 3 hours. A feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction prevailed amongst us, the magnitude we had not expected. With the encouraging and overwhelming response received, we knew, ‘this was just a small step for the titli‘.

Our sincerest gratitude goes out to all those people who directly/indirectly helped us make this happen.

for more pictures of the event, please click here

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