• The Postcard Project

  • The Postcard Project

  • The Postcard Project

  • Our first Postcard

  • Postcard for March

The Postcard Project

We intend to send around 200 postcards to various points-of-giftivism each month that will provide a point of display for the postcards. The postcards will also have stamps affixed on them. One face will have a message while the other a space to write a letter and the address.

The intention is to spread awareness on nature and the environment and empower people to act through our character called Tweego. We also intend to plant the seed of giftivism.

Heartfelt gratitude for writing on our postcards. Thank you 🙂
We are circulating these beautiful cards at various locations in the country. There are many who are sharing their “reason to write” here. Why don’t you share your reason too; and inspire!

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