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The Wildlife Conservation Trust

Wildlife Conservation Trust Logo

The Wildlife Conservation Trust (WCT), a Mumbai-based public charitable trust is dedicated and committed to the preservation, protection and conservation of wildlife across India. It believes that natural ecosystems are the backbone of India’s water, food, climate and economic security and endeavors to supplement the work of the government in protecting, maintaining and safeguarding them. WCT has adopted a three-part approach – a) strengthening the protection mechanism of the forest department by providing vehicles and basic equipment for anti-poaching camps and forest outposts, b) providing skill training to youth living alongside protected areas to enhance their livelihood options thereby reducing …

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Answering the call of the wild

Krithi Karath

It’s not every day that someone who is concerned about environment or protecting an endangered species actually takes an initiative to make a considerable difference. But we talk about the exceptions and that’s what Krithi Karath has been. A  Ph.D  in Environmental Science and Policy from Duke University, she has always been broadly interested in human-environment interactions, particularly focusing on protected areas and their relationship with people and biodiversity. “My parents, Dr. Parthibha and Dr. Ullas Karanth provided me a wonderful childhood and supported my interests (towards wildlife). As a child, I spent a lot of time tagging along with my father …

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The Gerry Martin Project

Sensitising Children to Wildlife

Conan Dumenil, Head of the Education Arm at the Gerry Martin Project, tells us about the initiative ‘The Gerry Martin Project’ and the philosophy behind it. What is the Gerry Martin project all about?  TGMP is a conservation entrepreneurship that works toward creating inclusive and sustainable conservation practices in India. We use education and experience to create and harness interest and support for various conservation endeavors across the country. In short, we are a link between scientists and conservationists in the field and enthusiasts in cities and towns who either don’t get the chance or the avenues to interact with the many …

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A ‘Hiss Hiss’ Affair

Ahaetulla Nasuta

Undoubtedly, snakes are extremely beautiful creatures which intrigue all of us. While some are intimidated by these stunning looking reptiles, there are many who work in close proximity of snakes and are completely in awe of these quiet and calm beings who can get brutally aggressive if disturbed. Here’s a photo essay by Soham Mukherjee, a snake enthusiast who turned his passion for wildlife into his profession. Common Vine Snake: Thin and slender, this snake uses its color, shape and form very efficiently to hunt small birds and reptiles, sometimes including other snakes! Vine snakes are the only Indian snakes to …

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Kashmira Kakati – her extraordinary story of discovering wild cats

Kavita Saharia, a passionate blogger who writes about North Eastern India, shared this beautiful article on Kashmira Kakati and her amazing work in the field of wildlife conservation. This post is from her personal blog. Just few days back I told Kashmira  that she is one of  those extraordinary women who made Assam (India) very proud globally by her work. When I expressed my desire to write a post on her, the initial response was, ‘Thanks for saying such nice things about me, but it’s really the animals and still-remaining forests that Assam should be proud of! My role has …

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