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The Seed Experiment

Tweego, fangchu, kia, rakshabandhan

After their last experiment with a plant and a poly-bag, Ma teaches Kia and Fangchu to plant their first seed. It's their first seed experiment.

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Tweego teaches Fangchu

Fangchu was amazed to know that without plants, no life can exist on the planet! When he questioned his favourite teacher, Mrs. Yadav, on how plants support life, she was pleased to answer that plants purify the air by breathing in carbon dioxide and exhaling pure oxygen. They also purify the soil and even water. Apart from purifying Nature, plants also provide food to millions of different species including us, human beings, which makes us strong and helps us grow. Fangchu’s excitement knew no bounds. His mind was throbbing with ideas, that he was eager to get back home and …

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