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Google X: Balloon Powered Internet For All

project loon solar powered balloon

Google X has been taking some serious strides in the field of renewable energy in the last couple of weeks. It bought Makani Power, the guys behind harnessing wind energy by flying kites, and now they are utilizing high-altitude, SOLAR powered, balloons that can transmit signals across hundreds of square kilometres to provide net access.

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Greenomics: Sizing up the Renewable Energy Options

Energy security, climate change and economic development, is repeatedly stressed upon, among other things, that our government is facing harsh challenges in meeting dire energy requirements in an environmentally sustainable manner. There is a desperate need for surveying sources of energy that are not fossil fuel based since the fossil based sources cause climate change. It is because of this concern; we are falling back to generating clean energy such as biofuel, wind, nuclear, solar and hydro power. The haunting images of Japan’s nuclear power stations and the growing concern over mounting radiation levels has left us thinking about how …

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India : a hot spot for Renewable Energy

India is fast emerging as a frontrunner in terms of harnessing renewable energy resources. It has been ranked No.1, on par with the US, in annual solar power generation, while it claims the fifth spot in wind power generation. India also makes it to a credible fourth position for scope, space and facilities allotted for renewable energy expansion. In its survey (ended May 2009), Mc Kinsey & Company has stated that India has an annual solar energy yield of between 1,700-1,900 kWh/KWp of installed capacity, one of the world’s highest solar intensities. As per the BP statistical review of world …

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