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Stop. Think. Shop. Green

Organic Clothing

Hitting the supermarket with a mammoth shopping list during a sale is what all of us have at least for once desired. Every shopping trip may not cause a dent in our pockets but it surely does cause an irreversible bit of harm to the environment. Eavesdrop to the brigade of environmentalists and you would know how much damage to the environment that our day out on shopping causes. Green purchasing involves learning the ways by which a product affects the environment in its entire life cycle. With the holiday season almost concluding make sure to plan out an eco-friendly …

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Salad Garden

In the last article we described how to grow tomatoes, carrots and cucumber. This article will take you through a few more do-it-yourself farming, on growing your own little salad garden. Salad is often considered as a healthy diet food, but the benefits of eating a salad go well beyond dieting and weight loss. Salads keep you hydrated, add fibre, increase the intake of vitamins and nutrients in your body, reduce calories and improve digestion. Here are a few important ingredients to making a sumptuous salad. Onions: How to Grow: Onions grow to a height of around a feet and …

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…And this is why you should go organic!

All the pictures used in this post are of his farm produce.

Farming practices traditionally were of the natural and organic kind, whether it were huge hectare’s of land or just a small little garden. It kept the entire ecosystem in balance. It maintained a systematic balance between the soil, insects and birds, water and air. The total ecosystem around each plant is really one living system, one organism. And the health of each of the parts impacts on the health of the whole. The current practices of farming has direct implications on each of these parts, resulting in the once self sustaining soil being completely dependent as the organisms that made …

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