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A New Beginning

Banyan Tree

Ever since I shifted to my new residence, I’ve been witnessing many beautiful sights thanks to the huge Pipal Tree in my compound. For the first time in this concrete jungle called Mumbai, I’ve been woken up by birds chirping sweetly.  They sure are very happy to wake up every morning, unlike the rest of us grumpy heads, who complain forever about getting up early. Till date I have seen at least seven varieties of birds from my window, not to mention the common crows and pigeons who think that my house is their watering hole. The tiny coppersmith barbet …

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Eco Friendly Homes? Bamboo is the answer!

Prashant and Aruna

Bamboo House India was established in Hyderabad in the year 2008 by two first generation entrepreneurs, Prashant Lingam & Aruna Kappagantula. It is a social enterprise utilizing bamboo as an economic driver for providing sustainable livelihood opportunities to rural and tribal communities in the bamboo sector through business models designed to work at base of the economic pyramid and promote bamboo as an eco friendly substitute to wood, steel, iron & plastic. How it works. “There are various resources in local communities which, if harnessed through joint communities, corporate organizations, local authorities and CSO partnerships, based on capacity building and …

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…And this is why you should go organic!

All the pictures used in this post are of his farm produce.

Farming practices traditionally were of the natural and organic kind, whether it were huge hectare’s of land or just a small little garden. It kept the entire ecosystem in balance. It maintained a systematic balance between the soil, insects and birds, water and air. The total ecosystem around each plant is really one living system, one organism. And the health of each of the parts impacts on the health of the whole. The current practices of farming has direct implications on each of these parts, resulting in the once self sustaining soil being completely dependent as the organisms that made …

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