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Biogas: Compressed Packaged Waste

biogas bottling project

Production of biogas is a clean as well as low carbon technology project. It has the potential for leveraging sustainable livelihood development while tackling local and global land, air and water pollution. It is a versatile fuel as it can be used for thermal applications, power generation and as an automobile fuel.

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Biogas Manure: An amazing Organic Fertilizer

Biogas-fuel Canada anaerobic Digester

With the broadening gap between the number of mouths to feed and hands producing food, world agriculture has now reached a stage that chemical fertilizers cannot be replaced by achieving higher and continued productivity of the crops. The main problem in agriculture pertains to sustainability of resources, indiscriminate use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. These have led to increasing awareness and a need for moving away from the input intensive agriculture to sustainable farming. Organic manures help improve soil fertility, change rhizosphere environment, water holding capacity and soil macro flora. Biogas manure or BgM; an effluent of biogas plants has …

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