Nitya Kumar

I am an environmental enthusiast and an Orca graduate from the online climate school, for the program, Climate Change: Learning for Action. I'm currently a content writer for a gaming app to help people adopt sustainable living habits. In addition, I have 5+ years of corporate experience in Supply Chain & Logistics and Digital Marketing in the Middle East and India across retail, consumer goods, and e-commerce.

Climate Change: A Hoax or a Reality?

Ice glacier burst in Uttarakhand, India

Melting Glaciers. Hurricanes. Cyclones. Earthquakes. Heatwaves. Droughts. Rainstorms. Snowstorms. Forest Fires. How many times have we seen each of these natural disasters recurring in the last ten years? Let’s take the case of India. It is one of the top ten countries affected by climate change published in the Global Climate Risk Index 2021 (GermanWatch Report, 2021). If we only look at this year, India has borne some of the biggest climate disasters namely, The ice glacier burst in Uttarakhand – a strong sign of the effects of global warming which can affect the safety of people and their access …

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