Krishnakali Ghosh

Intern@ Ek Titli.Org
Krishnakali is an aspiring environmental planner who is pursuing her Bachelors from National Institute of Technology, Bhopal. She has worked on housing development for urban poor and traffic management and is presently working on a lake development project in Bhopal.
She can be reached at Krishnakali[at]

Go traditional the Apatani way

a rice field in apatani, arunachal pradesh

The Apatani's using their traditional methods of farming that uses fish in the paddy fields, has shown to produce around 400-500 kg per hectare which is 3 to 4 times the average yield of the state. How have they used these fishes to grow over 16 varieties of Rice, organically?

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Tap for an App

energySaver app

While you were absorbed in shooting out Angry Birds on iPhones, people at some corner of the world were developing this amazing app that would turn many heads. Most of us have often desired to join the green community doing pretty little things for the environment whether be it using less energy or switch over to an entirely eco-friendly setup. The yearning is obvious but the tools are at times obscure. However, this new mobile application claims to keep track on the energy and water use, analyze and suggest changes in consumption and to add-on prevents a dent in your …

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Stop. Think. Shop. Green

Organic Clothing

Hitting the supermarket with a mammoth shopping list during a sale is what all of us have at least for once desired. Every shopping trip may not cause a dent in our pockets but it surely does cause an irreversible bit of harm to the environment. Eavesdrop to the brigade of environmentalists and you would know how much damage to the environment that our day out on shopping causes. Green purchasing involves learning the ways by which a product affects the environment in its entire life cycle. With the holiday season almost concluding make sure to plan out an eco-friendly …

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Biogas Manure: An amazing Organic Fertilizer

Biogas-fuel Canada anaerobic Digester

With the broadening gap between the number of mouths to feed and hands producing food, world agriculture has now reached a stage that chemical fertilizers cannot be replaced by achieving higher and continued productivity of the crops. The main problem in agriculture pertains to sustainability of resources, indiscriminate use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. These have led to increasing awareness and a need for moving away from the input intensive agriculture to sustainable farming. Organic manures help improve soil fertility, change rhizosphere environment, water holding capacity and soil macro flora. Biogas manure or BgM; an effluent of biogas plants has …

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Dye another Way

Food Dyes

How many of us have that one braggart friend who incessantly talks of his perfect closet? Or do we remember when the last time we donned non-branded apparel for an important meeting was? Well, we all discuss ‘environment’, regret and then simply move on! But we should, as a bare minimum, be changing our wardrobes. One of the most ecologically harmful industries in the whole world is the textile industry. Synthetic dyes used in textiles contribute to 17 to 20 percent of the water pollution created by industrial wastes. Natural dyes come as a savior to the industrial production of …

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