Ashna Goenka

If I were to describe myself in three words, I would say I am fun, indecisive and lazy! I am from Kolkata, and am currently pursuing Economics Honours from Hansraj College, Delhi University approval same day loans. I honestly have no idea what I want to be in life. But some day I wish to see all the places on my bucket list! I watch a lot of American sitcoms and live on chick lit novels. An avid writer and foodie at heart, I wish to find the nature lover in me through this internship at Ek Titli.

Q&A: Vivek Kabra empowers people to cook food using Sun’s Energy

Vivek Kabra SuryaKumbha

Vivek is not an ordinary 28 year old. His quest in life is to empower kids and adults to eat food cooked in solar ovens and apart from teaching over 4500+ kids, this IITian has now entered the record books. A rare feat of assembling 2250 kids to make their very own solar ovens has taken him to the Indian book of Records, and hopefully, to the Guinness World Records too.

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