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Opportunities & Challenges for PV Manufacturing in India

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India’s rapidly expanding solar power market represents a wealth of potential opportunities for home grown and foreign PV manufacturers and project developers. It’s not all plain sailing, though; like any emerging market, the Indian PV sector has its share of growing pains. Solar power is hot property right now in India. A glance through the finance pages of any paper should be enough to confirm that business activity in this sector is definitely on an upward trend. And the activity is far from confined to local players. A cursory review of recent announcements reveals a veritable who’s who of Indian ... Read More »

Aggressive bids at heart of JNNSM’s batch 2 of phase 1 tenders

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Solar energy in India will power ahead in 2012 as the sector touches new heights with the result of the batch two of phase one of its National Solar Mission bid round. But will the aggressive market entry tactics survive a long-term market plan for India? NTPC Vidyut Vyapar Nigam (NVVN) has shortlisted 22 bidders to set up solar energy-based power plants in India under the batch II of phase 1 of Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission (JNNSM). French Company Solar Direct has emerged as the lowest bidder offering solar power at Rs.7.49 ($0.149) per kwh while Green Infra emerged ... Read More »

Nutrition, the organic way!

Organic India

Organic India, based in Lucknow, is committed towards being globally recognized as a reliable and competitive supplier of the highest quality organic food and health products. They have expanded their Certified Organic Agro-Cultivation base multi-fold with all types of raw farm produce. Their agro projects are now widely spread over Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh in addition to a large expansion area in Bundelkhand, UP. Today they are operating in about 50,000 acres of certified organic land. Their products are supplied across the world including UK, France, Japan, Israel, Finland, Mauritius, Germany, South Africa, Czech Republic, Australia, USA, etc. ... Read More »

Who will bell the consumption cat?

Who will bell the consumption cat?

Once upon a time, on a faraway planet, a group of highly sophisticated beings were faced with a crisis. They had made great progress indeed, but it had come at a cost: profound changes to the planet’s natural cycles. Now their atmosphere was warming, their oceans acidifying and their food security was severely threatened. An emergency meeting was called to discuss possible solutions. After much brainstorming, someone came up with a brilliant idea – that reducing consumption and changing its patterns would help the planet recover and rejuvenate. But, asked a wise old individual: who would take the bold first ... Read More »

An insight into business benefits from green growth and innovation!

Sustainability Solutions

CII CESD to organise Sustainability Solutions Summit & Exhibition in New Delhi on 25th-26th November, 2011 CII ITC Centre of Excellence for Sustainable Development is organising the sixth addition of one-of- its –kind conference with an interesting mix of stake-holders to discuss how sustainability by itself would involve in the future and affect them. The two day event called Sustainability Solutions: Summit & Exhibition at The Lalit Hotel, New Delhi on 25th -26th November, 2011 will explore challenges, opportunities, and strategies for bringing sustainability solutions to Indian Businesses.  Chief Guests for the Summit includes prominent leaders, Mr. Jayanthi Natrajan; Minister ... Read More »

Greenomics: Sizing up the Renewable Energy Options

Energy security, climate change and economic development, is repeatedly stressed upon, among other things, that our government is facing harsh challenges in meeting dire energy requirements in an environmentally sustainable manner. There is a desperate need for surveying sources of energy that are not fossil fuel based since the fossil based sources cause climate change. It is because of this concern; we are falling back to generating clean energy such as biofuel, wind, nuclear, solar and hydro power. The haunting images of Japan’s nuclear power stations and the growing concern over mounting radiation levels has left us thinking about how ... Read More »

Greenomics: Economic Development v/s Environment

Starting today, Ek Titli presents to you a 7 part series on Greenomics, by guest writer and young economist, Mr Abhishek Ranjan. A green economy is understood as a system that is attuned with the environment and thus, is environmentally friendly. Today, the concept of green economy has evolved to also accommodate social issues. By using clean technology and clean energy, the green economy is expected to provide safer and healthier environments, create alternative green jobs and maintain the development of societies. This concept is often associated with ideas such as “low-carbon growth” or “green growth”. With this perspective the ... Read More »