My soap is not nature friendly? Gee, are you serious?

So when we talk green, we talk about the plants, the trees, waste management, recycling, reuse and sustainable ways of leading life. Well, how much difference can a single hand make to this global issue of depleting environment, is a persistent question on our minds all the time. Well, one does what one can. Even as you read this, you are concerned about the environment but are you living a sustainable life?

A simple thing as your bathing soap can be a cause of environment depletion. Interesting, eh? It gets better as you read this further. A normal bathing soap is full of harmful toxins that not only makes the rinsed water toxic but is obviously harmful to you. Check for the ingredients in your soap, you will find SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate) – a chemical known for detrimental effects on the skin and health. It is used in soaps, shampoos, detergents and even your toothpaste.

The use is rampant by manufacturers, why because it’s cheap and has strong foaming properties. It is also known as surfactant, which means that it is nothing but a very strong detergent.

These facts are known to the world. And believe it or not, alternatives are readily available. It’s just a matter of being conscious and making that extra effort to keep yourself and the environment free of toxins.

Organic Soaps being made by hand.
Organic Soaps being made by hand.

Krya [+], for example, is a Chennai based brand of day-to-day consumer goods, only in their sustainable, environment friendly versions. All their products are soft on the skin and on the environment too.  For instance, they make detergents by a fruit powder, without artificial fragrances, bleaches or chemicals.  Preethi Sukumaran, Co-Founder, Krya, says, “We create products based on the impact they can have on the environment. Our detergent works just as well as any regular brand of detergent in both machine and hand wash. While using our detergent in a machine, you save a lot of water, as you would need to rinse it less than when you use a synthetic detergent. Also, all the wash water from your machine (which is typically 100 litres or more per wash) can be used directly to water the plants in your garden.” Krya makes paper, coffee, skin care and hair care products as well.

Rustic Art [+], a Satara based brand of organic products, works on similar sensibilities. It has a range of organic bathing soaps, hair oil, massage oil and even organic paper soaps! Sunita Jaju, Co-Fouder, says, “People are now waking up to understanding the need to use environment friendly products. Our soaps are in huge demand and so are our other organic products.” And why not, they are safe to use and contribute to the environment conservation. She adds, “Our products are completely handmade and virgin to machinery, with natural fragrances. This appeals to environment sensitive people.”  Rustic Art also has vegetable oils based laundry range, which can be used safely for even babies, given that they are completely chemical-free. Again, the rinsed water is usable for watering plants in your garden.

Organic Bathing Soaps
Organic Bathing Soaps

The demand for these products is on the rise and can be attributed to awareness among the people, availability of information about ‘what’s good and what’s’ not and of course because it’s time we made some changes to help the environment, in every way possible.

So next time around, check the label before you unwrap a fragrant soap or a ‘powerful’ stain remover. You could be unwrapping a cloud of toxins!

Organic Tip: While using Organic Bathing Soaps, rub your hand over the bar and then apply on skin instead of rubbing the bar on the skin. It lathers sufficiently and lasts longer 🙂

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  • Joy Daniel

    Thanks. Swati. This is a nice article. Believe me, there is very less awareness in this front. Soap is something that is closest to our skin. Besides the health aspects, the process of making organic soap itself is least harmful to the environment in terms of ingredients and wastage. I believe safe organic soaps should also be promoted as a cottage industry.

  • Pallavi

    Interesting article! I am a fan of organic bathing products too and I genrally buy my stuff from Khadi…

    so from where do I buy these products? also are they expensive ?

  • Swati Maheshwari

    @Daniel, thanks for appreciating. It is our constant endeavor to spread the ‘organic’ word and its endless benefits. 🙂

    @Pallavi, while Krya sells through its online channel, Rustic Art is available in various stores across the country. Just drop in a mail to them, and am sure they’ll be happy to help 🙂

    Rustic Art:


  • Pallavi,
    I am the co-founder of Krya. Our Pure Natural detergent costs Rs.290 for a 400 gm pack. This pack lasts for 40 standard washes (in a machine / by hand), which should last you for about a month and a half.

    On a per wash basis, Krya’s detergent is cheaper than all leading washing machine detergent brands. Our ecommerce website will be ready in a week.

    If you would like to buy the pack before that, do write to me –

    Hope this helps!

  • Jiten

    This is very useful, thanx for the info and the effort on part of Kyra & Rustic Arts.

  • Nikita Kaushal

    I keep thinking about Pune city’s sewage being another city’s (Solapur) drinking water. And then thinking of what I would want in my drinking water makes everything pretty straightforward. Organic soaps or just besan+turmeric and Rita for the hair… Thats something I can live with…

    An organic detergent will be the next change. Good to know.

    Just another randumb observation. Is this automatic add generation a Google thing. Because the articles about organic soap and all the adds are cosmetics, Ponds etc.

  • Hey Nikita,
    That is a good way to think about things. As manufacturers we think of the same thing on a different spin – the folks living downstream from our manufacturing unit get to drink the water that our products interact in, so being environmentally friendly is just another way of being nice.

    Thank you for the support – that’s what keeps us going at Krya.

    And yes, I think Google ads is more to blame than the folks at Ek Titli, who are doing a stellar job in giving companies like Krya and other people in this space a platform to share their work.

  • Thanks for the support Jiten!

  • Vaibhav Dugar

    Hi Nikita, Thank you for dropping by. I hope you enjoyed the read. Well, yes this ad is a Google thingy 🙂

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